What Are Your Suggestions?

April 6, 2010


Dear Friends.

Two quick agenda items:

1. THANK YOU – I would like to thank everyone for a great weekend.  Eastside’s volunteers are second to none. Eastside’s Praise Team and Tech Team knocked it out of the park. Eastside’s members sacrificed and made room for new people by attending the 9:00 am worship gathering. We baptized 2 on Easter Sunday. We had 475 people in attendance. Had several people interested in learning about Christ.

2. God is at Work

A couple weeks ago, Eastside’s Elders, outlined three priorities for our congregation this year. You can click here to learn more about each of the priorities.  

I have personally been praying about each one of these priorities. I have been asking God to speak to me about each one of these priorities. The one that He has been speaking the loudest to me about is Eastide’s name change. I have had several people over the last month sharing their thoughts with me concerning this priority.

What these various members/attenders have shared with me has essentially been this…the elders are right in purusing this change. “The reason why,” said these members, “I have been inviting people and receiving push back from those I’m inviting to attend a baptist church.” It’s amazing how God works. 

What names have you thought about or have been pondering? Here are the names that I have been thinking about… (These are only the names I have come up with. I have not shared these names with the public before now):

  • Turning Point Community Church
  • LifePoint Community Church
  • New Life Community Church
  • Life Change Community Church (the word change is often viewed as a negative word. So I’m not really for sure about this one.)
  •   Hope Community Church

I would love to hear from you. Send your comments to church@eastside-baptist.com.  I look forward to hearing from you.


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