What Is Your Greatest Leadership Challenge?

April 4, 2014


Leaders are in high demand because of problems. Leaders by nature are designed to solve problems within an organization. Most problems within any organization revolve around people problems. I have served as a senior pastor for 23 years now and I have discovered that as a leader I am always in one of three arenas: I am in the middle of solving a problem, on the brink of facing the next problem, or I have just lead the organization to solve a problem. Most of the problems I help our organization solve involve people. It seems to me that this cycle never ends. What is your strategy for solving problems in the organization you lead? Here is a simple process that Ken Blanchard mentions in his book, Lead Like Jesus:

Step 1: Write a brief summary description of the greatest challenge you currently face as a leader. Describe both your internal struggles and those created by specific relationships and situations.

Step 2: What three things do I do (as the leader) that make it easy for people to follow me?

Step 3: What three things do I do (as the leader) that make it difficult for people to follow me?

Step 4: What three things could I do (as the leader) that would make it easier for people to follow me?

In other words, this exercise reveals most problems in organizations are created by an ineffective leader.  This exercise causes you to evaluate how your behaviors have helped create the problems in your organization. In short, when the leader changes then the organization experiences change. The health of the leader or the lack of health of the leader will be reflected in the organization.

What does your organization say about your health as a leader?  How have you contributed to your current leadership challenge? What changes do you need to make in order to be healthier as a leader?




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