What Is Your Spiritual Process For Making Disciples?

March 24, 2014


Will Mancini
is correct in stating, “Don’t focus on growing a church through programs, focus on growing it’s people with a process.” At Eastside Community Church¬†we have found this to be absolutely true. Since April 2012, Eastside has gone from 360 in attendance to 570. I contribute our success to a variety of factors but having a clear process of moving people from being spiritually lost to being fully surrendered to Christ has been the game changer for us.

Here is the process we have developed at Eastside with a brief explanation of each step:


Community of Names: People on our prayer list (submitted by our Fully Surrendered Disciples); These are the people we are praying for to attend one of our “BUZZ” Events or to attend a “WEEKEND” Worship Service.

Weekend: This is what we call the “Eastside Experience.” Worship begins the moment a person drives onto your campus until they leave.

Next Step: This is the clear step which we communicate during our worship service. We don’t communicate 15 next steps rather we communicate ONE! We encourage people who are ready to take their “next step” to visit our Next Step Center.

Small Group: Our ambassadors in the Next Step Center have only one responsibility – to connect with the person and help them to get into a small group. Our small group leader has two responsibilities: to help each member to become a disciple of Jesus and to disciple others and to shepherd each individual member to volunteering.

Volunteer: This is the next step of the spiritual maturation process for Eastside. Each volunteer is assigned to a volunteer team leader. The volunteer team leader has two responsibilities: to care for each person on their team and to shepherd each volunteer to being a Fully Surrendered Disciple.

Fully Surrendered Disciple: This is the ultimate goal for our process. Our desire is to shepherd people to this point. Each FS Disciple is encouraged to invest in and invite others who need to start their spiritual journey and/or who are stuck in their walk. When we host events we host them so our FS Disciples can invite people on their invest and invite list to attend.

What would you add? What is your church’s process? What resources have you found to be helpful?


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