What One Change Do You Need to Make in 2010?

December 29, 2009


Dear Friends,

As we approach a new year, and think about the changes we want to make in our lives, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Most of us feel like we need to make lots of changes, but I would challenge you to focus on one change. One small change, repeated day in and day out, can make a massive difference in your life. Our destiny is determined by those little decisions and the determination to carry them out. You don’t have to make lots of changes. You just need to make one change

One change you can make that will have a HUGE IMPACT on your life would be to read through a one-year Bible

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You can find some great reading plans at www.youversion.com. Worth checking out. Or you can find some great reading plans by clicking here.

What one change do you need to make?


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