What Role Does Trust Play in Your Organization?

May 28, 2015


Answer the following questions and share the answers with your team.  Ask for feedback.  Analyze the responses where your answers are not fully aligned with your team members.  Work together to create a long-term plan to make trust a business imperative.

SUCCESS: What role does trust play in ensuring the success of your organization?

PERFORMANCE: How is trust tied to high performance, innovation, and sustainability in your organization?

COSTS: What are the costs/implications of not having a high level of trust in your organization?

BENEFITS: What are the payoffs of a trust-based organization for the workforce, customers, leadership and shareholders?

COLLABORATION: How do you transform a siloed, reactive, heroic leadership culture to one that is trust-based, team-focused, and collaborative?

CULTURE: What values, principles or beliefs does your organization follow that are essential to building a foundation of trust?

ACTION: What are the key actions that characterize your commitment to building stakeholder trust?

LEADERSHIP: Which do you consider your “Best Practice” in trustworthy business behavior – the strategy that separates you from your competitors?

TRANSFORMATION: What types of leadership behaviors build high trust and collaboration in your organization?

PROOF: What verifiable evidence can you provide that these trust actions create substantive and positive impacts for stakeholders?

VISION: How will your trust building practices grow over the next five years?

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– This post is adapted from Barbara Brooks Kimmel


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