June 28, 2010


Here are a few need to know items:

1. Please be in prayer for the following:

  • Upward Basketball & Cheerleading Camps going on this week. We have a total of 50 children involved in this wonderful ministry. We will be sharing the gospel with them on Wednesday. Please be in prayer for this tender moment.
  • Pray for Toni Burberry who will have surgery on Wednesday.
  • Pray for the Ralph Walton Family as they mourn the passing of Ralph.
  • Pray for Lisa Pinson Sizemore’s dad, Larry. Larry is at Central Baptist
  • Pray for all the Neighborhood Impact Projects going on
  • Pray for the WildWorks Experience which will take place July 9th and 10th.
  • Pray for new small group leaders to step up. Our goal is to start/launch 20 new small groups this fall.

2. July 4th – the back parking lot will be roped off for families, small groups to come and to fellowship. There are no plan agenda or activities for the evening. The church will be unlocked for bathroom purposes only. Please bring your lawn chairs and blankets. There is no cost associated with this event.

3. Faith Promise Giving Report:

Church Wide Goal: $100,000.00 in six months
Families Involved: 68
Amount Pledged: $79,744.62
Amount Received: $31,782.54

4. Thank You Note from the Gilmin Group:

The Gilmin Group would like to thank Eastside for their participation in the block party on Saturday, June 26. There were 19 people from Eastside that volunteered. Great connections were made in the Foxhaven Drive Neighborhood. This event would not have been possible without Eastside’s support. Thanks again.

5. Got Volunteer?

Interested in getting plugged in at Eastside thru serving? Then the place to start is to contact our Volunteer Central Coordinator, Vivian Wallace at vivwallace@nullgmail.com or at 582-5600.


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