When Does Worship Begin At Your Church?

June 6, 2013



When does worship begin? There are a lot of thoughts on when worship starts at a weekend worship gathering. For many, worship starts the moment the band strikes up. For others, worship starts when people walks through the front doors; while others would lobby that worship begins in your quite time with God. I agree with all of these perspectives. At Eastside Community Church, we have defined the worship experience as – “from the moment someone pulls onto our campus until they leave.”

This includes:

  • Directional signage when guests arrives on campus.
  • Greetings by a parking lot team that instructs them where to park.
  • Once in the facilities then guests are greeted by another team that ensures they know exactly where they should take their preschoolers, children, and youth.
  • Guests are introduced to a nice ┬ácontinental breakfast with great coffee from Guatemala.
  • Once guests arrives in the worship center they experience an upbeat worship style and practical but challenging message from the Word of God.
  • After guests picks up their children, their children are very excited about what they have learned about Jesus and the Bible.
  • As they drive off our campus the couple looks at each other and says, “We have to come back next week.”

Here are the Key Messages we want people to hear who attends worship:

  • Glad you are at Eastside
  • If you are ready to take your NEXT spiritual step then please go to Connexions!
  • Become fully surrendered

Here are the Key Experiences we want people to experience who attends worship:

  • Welcome/Love/Acceptance
  • Relevance
  • Powerful worship
  • Powerful teaching

What would you add?


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