Why Every Pastor Should Invest In A Coach

June 9, 2013



Over the past year, Eastside Community Church has benefitted from two experienced coaches. After being on this journey, and living through the impact of coaching, it has become increasingly clear to me that every pastor should invest in a coach. Why?

Here are some compelling reasons:

1. Every leader has “blind spots” which need to be identified and addressed. Often it is easier for a coach to bring these into light than it is for a member of the church or staff. These blind spots can range from personal idiosyncrasies, leadership flaws, or a lack of appropriate focus on Jesus.

2. A coach can bring a fresh perspective to your ministry setting. In my case, I have served as senior pastor at Eastside for 22 years. Furthermore, Eastside is the ONLY church I have pastored. To say that my perspective is biased may be an understatement. I have found that an outside perspective adds an additional 50 IQ points to the leadership table.

3. Maybe your church needs a change. For a pastor to lead their church away from its current model to a potentially more effective model, the church will benefit from outside perspective, outside wisdom, and outside knowledge – not to mention outside guts! Your current operating environment has likely developed over years, and it will take time to sort out solutions and
apply them to the church’s specific context and situation.

4. A coach can help provide clear and uncomplicated paths toward biblical success. Most pastors are stuck in their current situation because they are not sure how to get unstuck. A great coach can help you identify current reality, and help you chart next steps toward biblical success. This has certainly been the case for Eastside. In one year, our average attendance has grown from 350 to 531. In the process, we have baptized over 65 people. I understand that biblical success is more than numbers but numbers also represent lives.

What would you add to this conversation? Have you experienced coaching in your ministry setting?


  1. Bill Crouch says: June 10, 2013

    Virgil: You are amazing. I enjoy your post. God is using you in a great way. We move to NC in 2 weeks. I’d love to talk to you before I go. Blessings on you and your wonderful church!

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