Winning The Mind Wars

May 12, 2014



As disciples of Jesus, our minds are under constant attack from the enemy. Why? Our enemy, Satan, wants to capture our minds and take us away from the Truth, Jesus, and His Word.

Every disciple of Christ is under this attack. There is a very deliberate war being waged, but unfortunately, many Christians don’t take the war seriously. They miss it, go about their usual business, and wind up in bad situations that lead to pain, suffering, and missed opportunities to serve God and know His will and His ways for their lives.

Failing to recognize and deal with these constant spiritual attacks has forced many disciples of Jesus into mental strongholds that can easily set up residence in our minds and take us captive. These strongholds have been strategically placed by the enemy and need to be broken and healed which only comes from the power of being in relationship with Jesus.

The goal for this series to give you “Truth Tools” so that you can win the mind wars that are going on between your ears. My prayer is that these “Truth Tools” from God’s Word will transform your life and that you will be a disciple who can storm the gates of hell and make disciples who can make disciples.

Keep Making Disciples,

Pastor Virgil



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