Worship this Weekend

December 15, 2010


Dear E-News Family,

Worship this weekend is going to be totally off the charts! God has something planned for this Sunday. Allow me to remind you of a couple important things which are going to be taking place on Sunday:

1. High Attendance Sunday Рinvite people who are far from God to attend worship with you. Tell them that after church on Sunday you are going to take them out to eat and that YOU are paying for the meal. I  guarantee you that this will get them to attend with you.

2. Testimony – I have invited a very prominent individual to share their salvation testimony on Sunday. Come and find out who is going to share….

3. AWESOME Praise and Worship Time – Eastside’s Band is gearing up for a great time of worship on Sunday. Don’t miss it!

4. Plan of Salvation will be shared on Sunday during the preaching time. Please pray for me that I will have complete focus and clarity as I will be sharing the greatest gift that someone could ever receive – JESUS CHRIST!

Make every effort to be in attendance. If you have to re-arrange some Christmas plans to be in attendance then I am encouraging you to just that.

I can’t wait until Sunday!

Love and Prayers,

Pastor VG


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