August 26, 2010


Dear Friends,

HOLY COW! WOW! PUMPED! JUICED! CRAZY! Are some of the words that comes to my mind as I am praying for our upcoming launch of Life’s Healing Choices! Here are some reasons why I am pumped, juiced….

  • Eastside’s new Small Group Pastor, Greg Gillum and his family. Everyone at Eastside has really been very complimentary and affirming of these additions to our church family.
  • 45 new small group members have already signed up to join a Life’s Healing Choices Small Group.
  • 11 new small groups are making preparations to launch the week of September 12th. Looking for a small group? Small Groups List to learn more about the various groups.
  • Church-wide prayer time for our upcoming launch on Wednesday, September 1st. Please join us.

Welcome to our fellowship Mary Carol & Chad Tate. They are joining our church family.


Pastor VG


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