Wow! How to Create Amazing Guest Experiences

June 23, 2013




Wow! How to Create Amazing Guest Experiences

Peter Drucker once said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” If I understand the statement correctly, culture has a greater impact on the life of an organization than strategy does. So if that assertion is true, what type of culture is your church creating, and how are your first-time guests experiencing it?

Research indicates that the majority of your first-time guests will make up their mind if they like your church within the first five minutes. In other words, this mindset develops before they have the opportunity to experience worship or sermon styles, or the vast majority of your friendly church members.  Focusing on this area of ministry, therefore, seems to be a critical area of consideration for what people will quickly experience when they walk through the doors of your church.

How does a church create amazing guest experiences? You might think the answer lies in a 5-step or 7-step program, but it necessitates far fewer steps…one! The most important first step in creating an amazing culture for your guests is recruiting the right team leader for this ministry position.

Choosing the right servant is the most critical step of the process. This crucial team leader will…

  • Understand the vision, be able to communicate the vision to team members, and be able to evaluate, correct, and advance the vision on a weekly basis;
  • Ensure that team members can clearly explain the guest experience the church desires to create;
  • Empower and train team members to deliver that experience;
  • Ask for input from team members on guest experiences, since the “front lines” always know best what guests might need;
  • Ensure support structures are in place to deliver a consistent guest experience – consistency alone can generate amazement;
  • Recognize team members for creating amazing guest experiences that generate the stories people will write and talk about throughout your church.

Remember  – the “WOW” is in the details!

What storylines are you writing for your guest experiences?  Are they designed to amaze your guests?  What personal experiences would you contribute to the conversation?


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