Your Leadership Structure Matters

March 26, 2014


Developing a strategy or a process to move people spiritually will force a local church to “re-think” every aspect of church life in order to serve their spiritual process of growing fully surrendered disciples. We have found this to be true at Eastside Community Church. Developing a clear process has forced us to “re-think” everything at Eastside from the way we develop our annual budget, our leadership structure, to our decision making processes, etc. This is important because most churches tend to serve their current structure rather than serving their spiritual maturation process. Here is basic diagram of our leadership structure which has emerged as a result of our spiritual process:


Elders: Eastside’s Elders are responsible for everything at Eastside. They are to provide oversight, leadership, and guidance to ensure that everything stays in alignment with our vision and mission. The viewpoint of our elders is that of long-term. It’s critical that our elders have the spiritual gifts of wisdom, spiritual discernment, and faith.

Lead Team: At Eastside we have a “lead team” that is responsible for our strategy of making fully surrendered disciples of Christ. Our lead team consists of me and my four direct reports. The lead team is responsible to develop the strategy for each ministry season. We have three ministry seasons at Eastside: Spring (January thru Memorial Day); Summer (Memorial Day thru Labor Day); and Fall (Labor Day thru Christmas). Currently we are carrying out our “Spring Ministry Plans” which we developed last Fall. We also just finished developing our strategy for this Fall Ministry Season. The three primary spiritual gifts needed by lead team members are: administration, leadership, and shepherding.

Staff Members and Volunteers: When it comes to carrying out the strategy as mapped out by the lead team and approved by the elders, it takes an all-hands-on-deck approach. In other words, we need everyone’s help to carry out the strategy. The perspective at this level is on a week to week basis. All spiritual gifts are needed at this point.

What’s your leadership structure? What would you add or change?



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